Milano,  10 Gennaio 2024

His Holiness Pope Francis is the Exlusive Guest of the Tv Show “Che tempo che fa” on WBD Channel Nove

Sunday, January 14, from 7.30 pm

His Holiness Pope Francis will be the exclusive guest on Fabio Fazio’s Che Tempo Che Fa on Sunday, January 14, 2024 on NOVE, Italian generalist tv channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, from 7.30 pm. 

Che Tempo Che Fa is the most popular and critically-acclaimed prime-time show in Italy featuring one- to-one interviews with prominent celebrities and personalities, as well as writers, artists, politicians and athletes from all over the world. With over 1,300 episodes, Che Tempo Che Fa has hosted almost 5,000 guests. The show has entered its twenty-first year on the October 15, broadcast on NOVE, live on Sunday evenings from the tv studio in Milan, with an audience of more than 2 million viewers and peaks of 3 million. The show, that always stood on the podium of the ratings, has a wide-ranging audience all over Italy, made of people who are most interested in listening and learning more about cultural as well as current affairs and social issues.

Che Tempo Che Fa is also the most popular Italian show followed on social media. Last season, it has reached 55 million interactions and 400 million views on social networks and has always been the TV show with most engagement on Sunday night, with an average of three hundred thousand social media interactions per episode.

The host of the show, Fabio Fazio is one of Italy’s best-known and respected anchormen and tv writers. He started his career in 1983 with RAI, the Italian Public Television. From his debut to the present day, Fabio Fazio has been the forebearer of a new way of communicating on TV and created both as writer and host a number of original and very successful shows which have become Italian television cults.

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